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Private Yoga Classes Reviews

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"I really loved the class! The lesson I attended was not only all encompassing but Susan was incredibly friendly, kind and encouraging and I felt really comfortable and at ease. What I liked the most is even though there was the theme of balance she still made sure the whole of the body was getting a good stretch and work out so I came away feeling incredibly rejuvenated and energised. She also catered for all levels which I really appreciated. Thank you Balanced Mind & Body Yoga! I can’t wait to return".

Holly Glanfield, London, UK

"Susan lead a lovely class in Retiro, Madrid. Her class began and ended with wonderful mantras. She was attentive to the students needs and levels, and made the class enjoyable for everyone. Thanks Suz for making me feel so welcome! I look forward to the next time!" 

Anna Thorell, California, USA

"Suz is an excellent teacher! Her classes are a perfect balance of fun, challenge and relaxation. I very much look forward to seeing her again and enjoying more of her classes soon".

L Farrah Futado, Canada

"Susan is uplifting an inspiring. She is connected to every student at her class and cares for the well-being of everyone.  She is always encouraging us and sets the scene, creating a very energetic ambience with different words of wisdom, nicely chosen for each occasion.  Her love and respect to yoga is present in every aspect of her teaching. I feel relaxed, enlightened and rejuvenated after her classes. Thank you for your patience, dedication , Susan!"

Mónica Salazar, Madrid, Spain


"Susan nos llena de energía y de inspiración. Conecta con cada estudiante y se preocupa por el bienestar de todos. Siempre  nos anima y crea un ambiente muy enérgico y tranquilizador con diferentes palabras de sabiduría, muy bien elegidas, para cada ocasión. Su amor y respeto por el yoga está presente en todos los aspectos de su enseñanza.  Después de sus clases, me siento relajada, iluminada y rejuvenecida. ¡Gracias por tu paciencia y dedicación, Susan!"

Mónica Salazar, Madrid, Spain

"Suz's class was wonderful: challenging and relaxing at once, with a great unique atmosphere throughout the entire workout. Highly recommended!"

Idan Berlad, Israel

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