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Yoga for Fertility

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Whether you have delayed starting a family in favor of a career, taken more time to seek the right partner or have had challenges conceiving, these days it’s quite common for women to have children later and later in life.

Waiting until later is not necessarily a bad thing. A recent report from Sweden concludes that having a child later in life can actually contribute to greater health and education for that child. In addition, women who delay motherhood to explore education or career development may find that they’ve developed a stronger sense of their own identity before entering parenthood.

But with delay comes the looming possibility of infertility. In such a case, yoga may be able to help. A new study by Fertility Centre of Illinois found that just six weeks of yoga dramatically lowered anxiety levels for women and those practicing yoga lowered their anxiety levels by 20 per cent over the period.

Amazing Fertility Benefits of Yoga

1. Yoga Reduces Stress

Stress is believed to be a potential cause of fertility issues amongst both men and women. With hectic work days, financial concerns, and busy personal lives, it’s easy to see why people can feel stressed, and then add the pressure of fertility. Yoga is a great way to reduce stress levels, and in turn, becoming more fertile.

2. Yoga Strengthens the Endocrine System

Your endocrine system is responsible for your hormonal balance and plays an important role in fertility. Yoga can support and strengthen the endocrine system, allowing for hormonal balance.

3. Yoga Increases Blood Flow to the Reproductive Organs

The more blood flowing to your reproductive organs, the more oxygen and nutrients they are receiving. Increased blood flow nourishes the endometrial lining of the uterus and can increase the chance of both fertilization and implantation.

Yoga poses for fertility:

  • Shoulder Stand (an asana that helps stimulate the thyroid gland, the dysfunction of which can lead to infertility);

  • Cobra Pose (one of the best asanas for improving fertility. It helps increase the flow of blood flow to the ovaries and the uterus); and

  • Supported Bridge Pose (helps your pelvic region open up and expand) to name a few.

4. Yoga for a Positive Mindset

Breathing techniques used during yoga are great for centering yourself during periods of worry or anxiety. When negative thoughts creep in, you can exhale them away and focus instead on positivity. Yoga teaches you greater control of your body and you may find that you feel more positive about your body through yoga.

5. Yoga Can Increase Libido

Studies have found that regular exercise can increase libido. By practicing yoga regularly, you may find that your sex drive increases. If you find that you feel worried and anxious during ovulation, the techniques used in yoga may help you to stay calm and reduce the impact of stress.

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Susan Perry

Based in Marbella, Spain and originally from Australia, Susan holds a RYT 200 hours certification with Yoga Alliance and is currently completing her 500 hours. Susan teachers Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Pilates. With an emphasis on balancing the physical, mental and emotional state through a guided practice.

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