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Insights From a Private Yoga Student

Kunal, 28, lives in Marbella has been practicing yoga on and off for the last couple of years. Working full time in an office, he has complained of occasional lower back pain. Kunal had previously attended a few yoga studio classes, and whilst he enjoyed it, he found the crammed classes lacking in personal guidance. Kunal was recommended a local private yoga teacher who specializes in personalizing and tailoring each yoga class for her students.

What was your first private class like?

It was a great introduction, my teacher took the time to find out what I did well, what poses I needed to work on as well as my own personal yoga goals. My teacher was incredibly professional and I got a true sense that she was passionate about what she does.

What sort of benefits did you start to see?

After my first class, I already felt that my body was lengthened and my muscles were stronger. I also felt like I learnt a lot, my teacher explained so much in regards to the benefits of the poses and guiding me to ensure I was doing the poses correctly.

What keeps you committed to private classes?

It has the be the overall health benefits and the improvement in my practice. I feel like the one hour private yoga class is such a great investment, physically and mentally. Each week I learn something new, whether its breathing techniques, new poses, and always the progress of seeing my body go further than the week before.

Lastly, what makes a great private yoga teacher?

I think what makes a good yoga teacher is one that listens and is able to adapt the class accordingly. Sometimes I might have an injury or discomfort and my teacher will adapt the class to incorporate alternative poses. I also think a passion for teaching yoga. My teacher lives and breathes yoga and she continues studying and training, which in turn helps me.

Thank you for your time Kunal and sharing your experience with private yoga classes. For more information on private yoga classes or to contact a private yoga teacher, email



Susan Perry

Based in Marbella, Spain and originally from Australia, Susan holds a RYT 200 hours certification with Yoga Alliance and is currently completing her 500 hours. Susan teachers Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Pilates. With an emphasis on balancing the physical, mental and emotional state through a guided practice.

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