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Benefits of Yoga Post-Covid

Coronavirus brought stress, depression and anxiety. With a global lockdown, stressful working conditions, change in climate, loss of loved ones and restrictions took their toll on people’s bodies and minds.

Recent studies have shown that people affected by hypertension, depression and cardiovascular diseases are at higher risk to be affected by Covid-19. Moreover, insomnia, negative thoughts, anxiety and stress can weaken the immune system and deplete your body’s strength to fight the virus.

Furthermore, research has shown that yoga and meditation can help reduce stress, strengthen the immune system, improve blood flow, and release muscle tension.

A regular practice of yoga and meditation helps to resolve breathing issues with the help of the benefits of pranayama, which prevents cardiovascular diseases. As you learn to regulate your breath and take longer and deeper breaths, all diseases and emotions trapped in the mind and body are released, leading to peace and good health.

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