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Tips for New Yoga Teachers

Teaching a yoga class for the first few times can be incredibly nerve-racking, but it doesn't have to be if you are well organized. Here are a few things to keep in mind that will help get you through!!

  1. Play music that calms you and that you can connect with;

  2. Be flexible and be prepared to fall away from your sequence. Students may request different asanas, or you might find that the sequence you prepared just does not flow;

  3. Get to class early, this gives you an opportunity to set up your music, the room and yourself;

  4. Learn to laugh—everybody makes mistakes!;

  5. Prepare a quote that every student can identify with;

  6. Remember to get off your mat and walk around class;

  7. Don’t stress about technique. You do not have to adjust every student;

  8. Use simple terminology. Words such as ‘flex,’ ‘stretch,’ ‘point,’ ‘reach,’ ‘push,’ ‘lift,’ ‘open,’ ‘feel,’ and ‘lengthen’. This will help the class flow smoothly;

  9. Use your own sequence. You will feel proud of yourself afterward and its easier to remember;

  10. Know your anatomy; and

  11. Remember to breathe!!

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