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Bali's Hidden Yoga Gem

Just a relaxing 90 minute drive into the mountains from downtown Bali, nestled in the jungle is one of my favourite yoga centers. The Yoga Barn, located in Ubud, the ancient royal town, filled with temples and artistic heritage, bound by jade-green rice fields, coconut trees, rain forests and spectacular river gorges which fiercely guards its ancient Hindu spirituality and traditions.

Set in a massive compound dotted with indigenous-style buildings. The Yoga Barn host around 15 classes daily, in dedicated bamboo yoga pavilions. These sessions also include healing movements and meditation. If offers a variety of types and models of yoga - hatha, Kundalini and Acro yoga as well as other disciplines like Kirtans, Ecstatic Dance and Tibetan Bowl Meditation. Accommodating complete novices and experienced yogis alike. There are also monthly yoga workshops and retreats as well as a healing center, an ayurvedic rejuvenation sanctum and a cafe that dishes up super healthy meals.

If you get a chance to visit Bali, make sure you head up to Ubud and try some of The Yoga Barns classes!

Click here for our Marballa yoga + Pilates timetable.

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