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Portugal Yoga Retreat 2019

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

We have just come back from teaching a one week yoga retreat in beautiful Portugal and it has motivated us to share with you the incredible benefits derived from a week away dedicate to your yoga practice and wellbeing.

Here is a sneak peek of the retreat!


Benefits of a Yoga Retreat

CONNECT WITH NATURE Many yoga retreats take place in beautiful natural locations around the world and the A Sua Yoga Retreat was no exception. You were able to connect with nature on a deeper level, while immersing yourself in your surroundings. DISCONNECT FROM TECHNOLOGY Not every retreat is a digital detox, but you can make it that way if you want to. Going on a retreat vacation is a perfect excuse to disconnect from technology and get back to basics. EVALUATE YOUR CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCES If you find yourself stressed by your current circumstance then attending a yoga retreat can help you to take a step back and evaluate where you’re at from a distance. Sometimes it’s difficult to make decisions when we’re too close to the situation. Going on retreat can give you the benefit of distance and help you to reevaluate. A TASTE OF LIVING LIFE WITH A PURPOSE When you’re on retreat each day has an element of purpose. You’re concentrating on your practice, and relaxing or taking advantage of optional activities in between. Your health and wellbeing are placed front and center. Each day you can achieve what you set out to do, and have a taste of living your life with an element of purpose. STOP OVERTHINKING If you find it impossible to silence your mind and you’re always thinking of the next thing you need to do then a yoga retreat gives you a great opportunity to stop overthinking it all. Use a yoga retreat to turn off all the noise of your own voice and open yourself to a more positive way of thinking. Meditation is often part of a retreat program, and you can speak to your instructor about helping you to harness your thoughts! SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVE ENERGY One of the best benefits of going on a yoga retreat is taking a vacation full of positive energy! On retreat, you’ll surround yourself with positive thoughts and feelings. No need to worry about any vacation stress, just embrace the positives vibes coming your way. DEEPEN YOGA PRACTICE If you struggle to find time to practice yoga in your everyday life then the benefit of going on a yoga retreat is being able to practice every day without distraction. Even the most seasoned yoga practitioner can deepen their practice on retreat and aim to reach the next level. So if you are interested in attending a yoga retreat visit or if you are after a private yoga class and are visiting or living in Marbella visit for more information.



Susan Perry

Based in Marbella, Spain and originally from Australia, Susan holds a RYT 200 hours certification with Yoga Alliance and is currently completing her 500 hours. Susan teachers Vinyasa, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Pilates. With an emphasis on balancing the physical, mental and emotional state through a guided practice.

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