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Things to Know Before Starting Your Yoga Practice

We recently had an interesting discussion where people shared what they wish they had known before they started practicing yoga. There were some interesting points and we are sure you can relate to some of them when you have been at a yoga class. .

Pain is not Okay

If you experience a sharp pain while in a pose, stop and tell your teacher about it. Yoga is not supposed to be painful. Mild pleasant pain when stretching is ok, shooting pain is not ok. Don’t push yourself too hard, take it slow, and you won’t injure yourself.

Modifying a Yoga Pose and Use Props

Sometimes we think that the way the asana looks in the photo in a yoga journal is the only right way to do it. In fact, each pose has several variations. There are ways to deepen the pose and to make it less challenging. A good teacher will offer a few variations of the same asana. And the variation that takes into consideration your needs is the one that will actually work in your case.

A Little Yoga Everyday

Even if you have just 10 minutes for yoga, it can be enough to unwind after work or to get tuned for the day. Short but regular yoga breaks can help you build a regular yoga habit.

No One is Really Watching Your Yoga Practice

Don’t be too concerned about what others think about your way of doing yoga once you step into a yoga class. Everyone is too concerned about themselves and its very likely people don’t even notice you. There is so much in yoga class to concentrate on: the breath, the alignment, the way your body reacts to movements. Focus on yourself and enjoy.

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